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On day 3 you can also choose which class you prefer. We will rise and shine again with a dynamic loosen the muscles training following with a boxing training. Boxing is known to be a tactical fighting sport where the coordination of feet, hands, eyes and condition are central. We tend to associate boxing with pure fighting but a boxing training is a lot more.

For people who prefer a soft and easy way to start their day, we offer a hatha yoga session at the same day. Hatha yoga is a timeless and holistic way to achieve harmony between the mind, body, and spirit in the ever changing world of wellness practices. Yoga, which has its roots in antiquated Indian customs, has crossed cultural barriers to become a popular and highly regarded method of promoting both physical and mental health. Hatha yoga seeks to balance the flow of energy, or prana, within the body. Through the practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation, practitioners aim to remove blockages and promote the free flow of energy. This balanced energy contributes to overall vitality and a sense of well-being.

We also plan an optional excursion to the magical town of Ronda. A combination of vertigo and breathtaking views will blow you of your feet. Impressive panorama’s will be your lifelong souvenirs as once you have had the privilege to witness the blending panorama’s, the vivid colors, the contrast between romantic bridges and the brutal force of nature, you will for sure be tempted to frame one of the pictures made during the excursion to decorate your house.

Closing the evening with nidra yoga and a breathing session to have the most of the relaxing moment at our retreat.

Again after a good day of practicing, relaxation or exploring the magnificent town of Ronda. We will gather around the dinner table to share our experiences and enjoy a variated meal while watching the third sunset. As well fish, meat and vegetarian meals will be served.