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On day 5 it’s our last day, we will be sad to see you going but open your heart for the optional excursion to Granada, bring your mind and your soul to this magical place where authenticity blends with open-minded creativity.

For many centuries, different cultures shared not only life on earth in the same geographical space but they also shared their cementery.

Christians, Moors and Jews lived together in Granada like in no other European city and from these interactions a fusion city flourished, which was enriched culturally with the contributions and transfers of different people, habits, beliefs and values. Sometimes they fought each other, but there were also times they respected and loved each other. 

The Alhambra, built by the Nasrid dynasty, slings you back to ancient times, as you walk through the different rooms with poetic writings on their walls and an architecture that makes you dream of fascinating legends.  

Granada is small enough to never feel lost while you feel embraced by its unique style. At the same time it has a cosmopolitan air, thanks to its rich history but also because it remains a very attractive place to live for young people who left their small Spanish villages but also foreigners who seek magic and are craving to be surrounded by beauty.